Montaje Caso Bombas

Lunes, 15 Julio, 2013

Muchos estados y gobiernos, amparados en la impunidad que les otorga el
ejercicio del poder, han recurrido a los montajes como arma política
para desacreditar, invalidar y encarcelar a sus detractores. Pero, ¿qué
es un montaje político y policial?, ¿cómo se hace?, ¿quienes los hacen?
Esas preguntas son las que aborda este documental, elaborado de manera


Lunes, 4 Marzo, 2013

Carmen trabaja el turno de la noche en una maquiladora en Tijuana. Las
maquiladoras son las fábricas trasnacionales que vinieron a México por
su disponibildad de mano de obra barata. En MAQUILAPOLIS, Carmen y
Lourdes van más allá de la lucha diaria por la supervivencia y organizan
a sus comunidades para lograr cambios positivos en sus vidas: Carmen

La manipulación mediática en España y la represión televisiva.

Miércoles, 12 Diciembre, 2012

Documental resumen de los mejores
vídeos realizados por colectivos y ciudadanos de España.Nos habla sobre
la televisión, los recortes y la resistencia que ciudadanos anónimos y
colectivos ejercen frente a la manipulación mediática. Hechos ocurridos
en un año crucial en el que hemos vivido en real time como el nuevo

Groove BCN

Martes, 28 Mayo, 2013

Groove BCN" és una producció de Blackcelona ( i webDOCC
( per a la música negra de Barcelona. Aquí podeu veure la
primera part d'aquest documental que anirà desenvolupant-se entre sales
de concerts i Internet. Registra't i promou aquí la teva música!
Aconseguirem posar els músics de soul & funk de Barcelona al lloc
que es merexien?

Into the Fire

Sábado, 11 Mayo, 2013

Embed this film: see our other coverage of the Greek crisis:
the Fire is being crowd-released: All over the internet people are
embedding Into the Fire on their website or blog. With everyone who
participates the audience and distribution network will grow. Are you
participating? http://intothefire.orgA
hard hitting documentary which shows the plight of refugees and
migrants in recession hit Athens, Into The Fire is a film with a
difference. Shot and edited with sensitivity and compassion, it
doesn't pull its punches and makes for harrowing viewing in parts. It is
the product of crowd funding, dedication, self-sacrifice and a burning
sense of justice.On 21 April, Into the Fire is simultaneously
released on websites, blogs and other platforms around the internet. The
film will be available in various languages, including Albanian, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish. There are a
number of public screenings planned in several countries in Europe and
Northern America. To participate in the release or organise a screening
see This
strategy is being used to maximise the audience, in the hope that the
audience will become active participants, commentators and amplifiers
when it comes to opposing the conditions visited on the victims in the
story.The premiere of Into the Fire on 29th April, 6:30pm will
be hosted by the School of Oriental and African Studies. The filmmakers
will be joined for discussion by Habib Rahman of the Join Council for
the Welfare of Immigrants. In times of severe austerity things
look bleak for Greek people, but they're far worse for those who have
recently arrived. Without housing, legal papers or support, migrants in
Greece are faced with increasing and often violent racism at the hands
of the growing Nazi party Golden Dawn and the police in Athens. Many are
trapped by EU laws and legislation of other EU countries meaning they'd
be returned to Greece if they managed to get to another member state,
they are desperate to leave the country.This film gives incredible insights to the reality faced by people who simply want to lead peaceful, normal lives.Having
been to Athens to shoot footage about austerity in April last year,
Reel News video activists started talking and working with a young
Somalian refugee, they made many contacts in the migrant world and those
contacts gave them access to a huge number of untold and shocking
stories. Funded by small donations from friends and
organisations, the film makers are once more turning to their supporters
and allies in the UK to distribute the film online and through
screenings to grassroots groups across the country. No one has been paid
to work on this film.

Into the Fire - The Hidden Victims of Austerity in Greece


Domingo, 31 Marzo, 2013

Vascos: su lengua a través de la historia (Euskara Jendea) es una serie documental coproducida por las asociaciones culturales Ibaizabal-Mendebalde y Zenbat Gara.

Este trabajo de carácter divulgativo, compuesto por seis capítulos de aproximadamente 45 minutos de duración, pretende presentar la historia del euskara y de su pueblo a un público diverso. Los documentales, en euskara en versión original, están subtitulados en varias lenguas.

El proyecto documental Euskara Jendea tiene su origen en el libro que, bajo el mismo título, publicó Xamar en 2006 en la editorial Pamiela, y viene a completar un vacío existente en el campo audiovisual, aprovechando las características específicas de este ámbito para su difusión.

Euskara Jendea se podrá ver a partir de la primavera del 2013.

Bcn Rise and Fall

Martes, 26 Marzo, 2013

Bcn Rise and Fallun documental sobre la marca Barcelona

Ostia Puta Productions 2

Sábado, 9 Marzo, 2013

Ostia Puta Productions 2 [COMPLETO]Histories de metros y de trenes.

END:CIV - Resist or Die

Martes, 12 Marzo, 2013

examines our culture's addiction to systematic violence and
environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of
poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Based in part on Endgame,
the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen, END:CIV asks: "If your
homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the
water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?"The
causes underlying the collapse of civilizations are usually traced to
overuse of resources. As we write this, the world is reeling from
economic chaos, peak oil, climate change, environmental degradation, and
political turmoil. Every day, the headlines re-hash stories of scandal
and betrayal of the public trust. We don't have to make outraged demands
for the end of the current global system — it seems to be coming apart
already.But acts of courage, compassion and altruism abound,
even in the most damaged places. By documenting the resilience of the
people hit hardest by war and repression, and the heroism of those
coming forward to confront the crisis head-on, END:CIV illuminates a way
out of this all-consuming madness and into a saner future.Backed
by Jensen's narrative, the film calls on us to act as if we truly love
this land. The film trips along at a brisk pace, using music, archival
footage, motion graphics, animation, slapstick and satire to deconstruct
the global economic system, even as it implodes around us. END:CIV
illustrates first-person stories of sacrifice and heroism with intense,
emotionally-charged images that match Jensen's poetic and intuitive
approach. Scenes shot in the back country provide interludes of
breathtaking natural beauty alongside clearcut evidence of horrific but
commonplace destruction.END:CIV features interviews with Paul
Watson, Waziyatawin, Gord Hill, Michael Becker, Peter Gelderloos, Lierre
Keith, James Howard Kunstler, Stephanie McMillan, Qwatsinas, Rod
Coronado, John Zerzan and more.

The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

Miércoles, 6 Marzo, 2013

El documental acerca de los fundadores de The Pirate Bay. ¡Compartela
con todos!The documentary about the founders of the Pirate Bay. Share it
with the world! Apoya a los realizadores de esta cinta libre en
www.tpbafk.tvA film by Simon Klose

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