Contrainfos núm. 10 Explotacions d'Endesa

Tuesday, 6 March, 2012

Endesa acumula un llarg expedient d'irregularitats i d'impactes socials i medioamabientals a l'Amèrica Llatina. El passat 14 de febrer al departament colombià de Huila, era desallotjat brutalment el campament de resistència a un megaprojecte que Endesa vol realitzar-hi

Voices From Temacapulín, Mexico (Voces de Temacapulin)

Wednesday, 3 November, 2010

Take a visual tour of the town of Temacapulín (Temaca), guided by the voices of the global anti-dam movement. Temaca is threatened by El Zapotillo Dam and would be flooded by hundreds of feet of water if the dam is built. In October, 2010 Temacapulín hosted Rivers for Life 3, where activists from around the world convened to share information and strategize about the next phase of the global anti-dam movement.

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