About us

LaTele.cat is grassroots channel of free, community and self-organised
communication. LaTele.cat was created by the “Assemblea per la
Comunicació Social” (Assembly for Social Communication) in 2003 in response to the need for a social movement TV, which could both be a critique and an alternative to the dominant models of communication and media.

Currently, LaTele.cat is composed of a group of people and collectives who consider as vital the struggle for a channel of transparent communication, made of creative, rigorous and different counter-information. Working voluntarily and with few resources, we have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to go forward! Together with some connections in the “professional” worlds of audio-visuals, journalism and IT, we are united in a desire to transmit our ideas without intermediaries and censorship, also offering space to people to create their own messages. We believe together we can make our work and
ourselves stronger.

For many years now, LaTele.cat has been struggling against legal and financial adversity. Currently, since the 1st of April 2011, following a great deal of work, LaTele.cat is broadcasting on the digital Channel 37 in Barcelona, also reaching until Sant Pol de Mar. We broadcast 24 hours
a day and each day there is about 4 hours of completely new programming.

Part of what we broadcast is self-produced original work across several areas of interest (news, music, art, environment, politics, etc), and the rest are contributions from around the world, all using the Creative Commons license, because we believe that culture and knowledge should circulate freely.

Our broadcasting costs (i.e. paying for the antenna) are very high, however we believe it is vital to maintain our presence in the airwaves in order to disrupt the current TV paradigm, which only promotes the passivity of the viewer. As our saying goes: “Turn off the sofa and turnon LaTele!”. Self-organisation is fundamental to maintaining the authenticity of the project and for this reason, the project depends on all of us in order to move forward. Donations are welcome and people/collectives can become “Members” of LaTele.cat through making annual donations from 15 euros (individuals) or 60 euros (collectives, organisations etc). LaTele.cat does not have (or want to have) commercial advertising, however, participation is welcomed from social
economy initiatives who position themselves as alternatives to the capitalist economy (cooperatives, collectives, etc). Furthermore, we are working together to find alternative methods of collective finance which do not damage or threaten our freedom in working together in our chosen way. Working from this commitment, we believe that utopias can become real when we start to struggle for them together.

You can find us in the Plaza de Sol, in the Infoespai (Barcelona). Our meetings are on alternate wednesdays at 20h in the Infoespai. So, if you are interested in the project, get in touch with us! LaTele does not make itself on its own, LaTele is made by and for everybody!

Creative Commons - 2011 LaTele - Copia, enganxa, modifica.