Press Release - New publications on Degrowth

Dear friends and colleagues,
Please find below a brief press release announcing three recently published volumes in international, peer-reviewed journals by our group at ICTA-UAB:



OECD economies are facing a prolonged period of little or no growth, or even de-growth. This is true of Europe, the United States and Japan. Environmentally this is not bad. It is easier to avoid climate change with less growth. But socially, lack of growth
in growth economies can be catastrophic. Unemployment increases and debt accumulates. How can economies without growth become socially sustainable and economically stable?

This is the research question motivating an interdisciplinary group of researchers at ICTA-UAB, studying the economics and politics of degrowth. This group together with the association Research &Degrowth, have edited in 2012 three volumes on degrowth in the prestigious journals Ecological Economics (vol. 84, p. 171-269), Futures (vol. 44, p. 515-607) and the Journal of Cleaner Production (a journal of industrial ecology) (vol. 38, p. 1-98). The papers can be accessed at:

1. "The Economics of Degrowth":
2. "Democracy and Degrowth":
3. "Theory and Practice of Degrowth":

The editors are all members of ICTA UAB, faculty and senior researchers (Giorgos Kallis, Joan Martinez-Alier, François Schneider, Christos Zografos) or post-docs or doctoral students (Filka Sekulova, Beatriz Rodriguez-Labajos, Giacomo d'Alisa, Claudio Cattaneo, Christian Kerschner). These volumes contain 33 articles from authors from 22 countries. To a large extent, they are the product of a conference in Barcelona in April 2012 with the title Economic Degrowth for Social Equity and Environment Sustainability, with over 400 participants from 40 different countries ( The same group of researchers from ICTA UAB took part recently in Venice in the 3rd international conference on economic degrowth ( Other forthcoming articles on Degrowth from the same group (with ICTA UAB co-authors Viviana Asara, Federico Demaria) are to be published in the journal "Environmental Values" in 2013.


Those without institutional subscriptions can download the editorials from the following links (use preview or acrobat):

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