Call to Action // Corporate Water Forum // "Are you thirsty? Eat sand!"

Call for political and poetic direct action… to free water from multinational influence!
Marseille, 12-17 march 2012

WORKSHOPS AND open STAGES Art Activism and street actions
10/11 march

Are you thirsty? Eat sand!

At least that’s what you will have to do in the future, if you let the World Water Council go ahead with their plans!

From the 12th to the 17th of March 2012, big transnational companies, ministers and delegates of transnational organizations such as the World Bank, will gather in Marseille – France – to legitimate their brilliant conception of the Right to Water for all and everyone. Only… does ‘all and everyone’ also include those who won’t be able to pay it? And those who don’t want to pay for their perverse profits?

No, it isn’t the first time that the WWC holds a meeting like this. In fact, they are coming together every three years since 1997 to think of fresh strategies and establish new partnerships to reach the peak of neoliberal colonization by privatizing a basic natural resource such as water is. But this time might be the last time!

We invite all conscious water drinkers to come and defend the access and popular management of this basic human right with all kinds of direct action. Take the public place! protest!, be creative!
Give the city a cold shower and clean it from multinational bacteria!


Our water,not their bussiness
we’re 99%

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