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Post-rights time now? An input into Rio+20 water justice strategy and narratives debate

Water rights, environmental services and post-neoliberal strategy from Johannesburg to Rio+20
By Patrick Bond
Submitted to Sustainable Development Law and Policy, 30 March 2012 (DRAFT, comments warmly welcomed)

(Best lines in this piece are from Marius Pieterse: "State/Society: All right, if you insist. It is hereby declared that everyone has the right to have access to sufficient food and water and that the State must adopt reasonable measures, within its available resources, to progressively realize this right. Member/Citizen: Yeah! I win, I win! State/Society: Of course you do.")

Walk the Talk: From Marseilles to Rio, Together

Walk the Talk: From Marseilles to Rio, Together
by Mary Ann Manahan — April 27, 2012

The social movement and civil society-organized summit process of hammering out a final declaration is quite different from the pre-drafted statements we normally get out of official forums. Take the case of the Alternative World Water Forum (FAME) that took place from March 14-17 in Marseilles, France. On April 22, more than a month after the forum, FAME organizers released the final declaration of the participants.

Seminario contra la Privatización del Canal de Isabel II. ACUDE Y DIFUNDE...GRACIAS

Querid@ Compañer@s:

Os envío el programa definitivo del seminario de formación que celebraremos el próximo sábado 21 de abril de 2012.

Llamada a firmar la Declaración de los Derechos del Agua de Palestina

Foro Alternativo Mundial del Agua 2012 – La Declaración de Marsella
”Nos comprometemos a tomar acciones solidarias con los Derechos Humanos Palestinos, incluido el Derecho Humano al Agua”

Todos idiomas:

Seminari: Ni a l´Amazònia, ni a Catalunya, ni enlloc: l´Aigua i l´energia no són mercaderies (22 març, Barcelona)

Amb la participació de:
Ivanei Farina Dalla Costa i Iury Paulino Bezerra, representants del Moviment d'Afectats per les Represes de Brasil (MAB)
Núria Vidal de Llobatera Pomar (Ecologistes en Acció)
Eloi Badia (Enginyeria Sense Fronteres)

Un activista del agua y contra la minería ha sido asesinado / Water and mining activist murdered


Mientras nos reunimos en Marsella en defensa del agua, recibimos terribles noticias de México. Un activista del agua y contra la minería de Oaxaca, México, ha sido asesinado. Por favor considere firmar, enviar a las autoridades mexicanas y difundir ampliamente la siguiente carta.

New Report from Palestine

Today LifeSource and Blue Planet release a report calling for BDS and the new LifeSource website with interactive maps and photos goes live. +info

Welcome to the Cirque de Marseille!

This week we are embedded in Marseille for the World Water Forum, Alternative Forum and Protests. We are posting ongoing reports and sharing special premieres of new videos from our networks! Bienvenue!

Benvinguts al Circ de Marsella

El Programa de l'Aigua de LaTele s'ha traslladat aquesta setmana a Marsella arrel del Fòrums Mundials de l'Aigua.

Llamada a la ocupacion virtual del WWF6

El Council of Canadians ha hecho una llamada a la ocupacion virtual del WWF6 enfocado al muro del facebook del foro
o en twitter usando el hashtag #WWF6

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